A New Realm of Advanced Watchmaking Technology

Bell & Ross launched BR-X1 series at the beginning, marking the brand legend a new page, this dissemination of sports watch personality and the production of complex high-tech chronograph, represents a new high-level watch series Birth. BR-X1 series of innovative design, inspiration drawn from the aviation flight instruments, and this new member of the series - Tourbillon Chronograph has been available in 2015. A New Realm of Advanced Watchmaking Technology This BR-X1 Tourbillon Chronograph set Bell & Ross Bo Lai Shi's aesthetic elements and top-level tabulation technology in one, but the surprise is more than that; because the brand is committed to the pursuit of top performance, everything is better , With a hollow movement will be already stunning BR-X1 uk replica watches to a higher realm. Timing features, complex machinery, forward-looking ideas BR-X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE As the name implies, crystal-clear glass case completely perspective movement fly Tourbillon and elegant single by the timing system, two complex timepiece function by exquisite workmanship hollow drive. A New Realm of Advanced Watchmaking Transparent case and the dial as a dedicated perspective window, will be full of details and complex timing system present eyes: a closer look, we can see below 12 o'clock position of the column-wheel, the second timer and semi-instantaneous jump pointer (Usually the traditional sliding pointer), and 9 o'clock position of the 100 hours (at least 4 days) power reserve display. Everywhere masculine temperament, the movement structure of the detailed avant-garde, floor and pillars made of a metal cut, hollow workmanship modified almost perfect, timing system start, stop and zero program panoramic view. 10-bit timer is a 30-minute timer, 2-bit timer is 60 seconds; 2-position side of the joystick-style single button is responsible for controlling the timing function start, stop and zero, so exquisite production will certainly be watches fans . A New Realm of Advanced Watchmaking BR-X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE skeleton fine, transparent skeleton will present the internal structure of the front, over the back of the watches to see the differential power reserve devices and winding drum, and from different angles can enjoy the word flying word Tuo Flywheel framework of the wonderful dynamic, is undoubtedly the first-class visual enjoyment. Crystal gem The treasures of nature are breathtaking, and sapphire is the epitome of precious gemstones. From a scientific point of view, sapphire mineral name for the corundum, is the second highest hardness of the material, the location after the diamond, almost hard to wear. replica watches uk industry will also be synthetic glass known as sapphire (Sapphire), this new BR-X1 CHRONOGRAPH TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE crystal glass case, containing the Bell & Ross watchmakers of the wonderful process. A New Realm of Advanced Watchmaking Technology Crystal clear crystal case perspective of the movement structure and the operation of different parts; case cut from a single piece of crystal glass, the process is very complex, making a case to spend a long time to cut and polished polished. Case composed of nine crystal glass components, including the swiss replica watches ring, watches back, bezel, watches mirror and four shock ring, and then set by the screw inlay; such a complex structure of the watch factory production technology challenges, and To make its rare name list is worth. A New Realm of Advanced Watchmaking BR-X1 TOURBILLON SAPPHIRE limited edition of five A New Realm of Advanced Watchmaking BR-X1 TOURBILLON CHRONOGRAPH SAPPHIRE BRX1-CHTB-SAPHIR Proposed Price: ¥ 3,681,000 Technical specifications Movement: movement number BR-CAL.28. Manual winding flying tourbillon. One - Button Pillar - Wheel Chronograph. 282 parts, 35 stones, 21,600 vibration times / hour. 4 days power storage. Dial: hollow. Metal inlaid time stamp with Superluminova luminous material insert. Metal Lou Superluminova luminous material hour and minute hands. Function: hour and minute hands. Timing function: 30-minute timer at 11 o'clock, 60-second timer at 1 o'clock. 9 o'clock position set power reserve indicator. 6 o'clock position of the flying tourbillon. Strap: Translucent material. Case: diameter of 45 mm. Sapphire crystal glass. Clasp: pin clasp. Polished steel