Christmas chop hand guide - 2016 six best watch is installed

In summing up the end of 2016 after the 5 best chronograph, we again turned to the dress for dress with the players were among them. Generally refers to the dress watches, I believe we will emerge out of mind such as simple, elegant or mature like the basic impression, indeed, from its naming we can intuitively see that this timepiece is for a variety of Or formal or commercial occasions. When dressed in a decent suit cut, when a delicate and elegant, with the wearer gestures looming between the dress watch, is tantamount to a big kill device, not only can enhance the wearer's own charm, It is able to show its elegant style of the most vividly. After a harmonious discussion, the love watches family in this year's release of several outstanding dresses which were selected out of the watch six timepieces, ranging from high-end luxury to the people close to the public are covered, after all, "elegant" word Does not necessarily mean expensive. Lange Richard Lange Jumping Seconds jump seconds replica watches Christmas chop hand guide - 2016 six best watch is installed This Richard Lange jump seconds rolex replica low-key simple, simple design of the disk is giving a misleading ... because it is equipped with a movement, including jump seconds, one second constant action escapement system, zero mechanism and power reserve Instructions and a series of highly complex functions. This watches in the time display design can be described as generous, because hours, minutes and seconds each have their own site, the top of the track ring is the second dial, the following side by side placed two vice dial from left to right are hours Display with minute display. Needless to say, the watch is equipped with a manual internal winding movement in the process certainly is the culmination of the reasons, without him, because it is Lange. This Richard Lange jumping seconds watch wearing a sense of comfort, the case size of 39.5mm size of it, for the vast majority of men's wrist, are very fit. The only fly in the ointment is that it is limited edition of 100, with platinum material to create this excellent dress shirt when the price of 78,000 euros. Slim Line Slim Line watch Christmas chop hand guide - 2016 six best watch is installed Compared to the rest of this article in several other models, the Slim Line Slim Line series of ultra-thin moon phase watch price is definitely regarded as approachable, value for money. Although the size of 42mm size for a classic dress is really only can be used to describe the huge, but its exquisite delicate case, simple atmosphere of the disk design, are making this watches exudes an elegant atmosphere, Although the size or the smaller the better, but after all, we all love, big man's dress watches also has many favorite watches fans support. This watches is equipped with internal self-built by the Constance self-winding movement, in addition to the time, sub-function, but also equipped with a calendar and moon phase display function, through the 6-bit disk display. As mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph, this ultra-thin moon phase watch is priced at 3300 euros. Chopin L.U.C XPS 1860 stainless steel uk replica watches Christmas chop hand guide - 2016 six best watch is installed For the Chopin, LUC is a brand of its senior tab series, with the series of many other watches the same, this XPS 1860 watch is also equipped with a piece of internal excellence, slim posture, equipped with exquisite miniature Put Tuo mechanical movement. At the same time, Chopin to steel materials to create this piece of suits excellent timepiece, making it a relatively close to the price of many people. 40mm size case surrounded by a simple disk, the hours, minutes, small seconds, as well as the date of the function clearly demonstrated in front of the wearer. This L.U.C Series XPS 1860 watch will be simple and elegant design and distinctive craftsmanship of the perfect combination of excellence. Its price is 8,290 euros. Glashutte Honorable Series Watch Christmas chop hand guide - 2016 six best watch is installed Earlier this year, from Germany, the famous watch brand Glashütte original launched a comprehensive innovation of the self-movement, which can provide 100 hours of power reserve time. In addition, the new members of the excellent series of watch the disk design is also very atmospheric, and then with the thin outer border, than in the past more elegant style. The size of the case of this large three-pin watch size is 40mm, after some of the design of the rectification, the more rounded and refined, while the brand also provides stainless steel models and 18K rose gold for consumers to choose models. This is a fine German watch with a breath of good timepieces, its price: 8600 euros (stainless steel) and 15700 euros (rose gold models). Montblanc Star 4810 series of large calendar automatic watch Christmas chop hand guide - 2016 six best watch is installed This 4810 calendar automatic watch is a facelift after the star 4810 series of molecules, the appearance of it than the previous style more elegant style and slim texture. Disk exquisite ornamental ornamental patterns, not only impressive, but also with the brand has been adhering to the experience of more people to watch the surging passion of this concept consistent. Its size is 42mm (well ... not a good fit for a watch), but it's a simple disk element, an elegant design, and, most importantly, a very attractive price, so we can make the final decision Or join it in. Its price is 2690 euros. Athens Classico gilt series stainless steel watch Christmas chop hand guide - 2016 six best watch is installed If you have been browsing recently about the Athens Classico gilt series of stainless steel watch article, then you will know that this watches is the biggest drawback is the color value is too high, and high to faint with some overwhelming suspects . Athens Classico gilt series this year, adding a number of new members, which will include the three steel brothers, they each use a different disk color, respectively, water blue (the most beautiful), silver and black. This elegant small three-pin size of the watch is 40mm, the internal carrying the Athens-made Cal.UN320 self-winding movement, can provide 48 hours of power reserve. Prices, they are 7,500 euros.